Abstract Headdress

Punk with long hairs using any strong hold gel or hair spray

Punk with long hairs using any stronghold gel or hair spray

There will be no fault in saying Artistic approach as a boundless attribute which is no doubt presently being applied over each and every item related to human possession. Haircut is one the basic needs of humanity to let oneself stay clean except for few specific religiously hog-tied communities whose men do not get their hairs cut. But in the coeval era, fashion is being inculcated in each and every portion of life to keep on varying daily trends because the humanity today got addiction of new introductions and sweeping away the GOLD in form of OLD :p ……

Similarly hairstyles are also being molded day by day according  to specific need, liking, event or in effort to stand odd one out. Injecting abstract in hairstyles resulted in a great boost to the haughty, pompous and aloof kind of lifestyles.

Hairstyle never only meant the formation of hairs but the contrast and color of skin also really matter in creating extra ordinary looks. As if we go behind to review the previous hairstyle of  Italian footballer Mario Balotelli it proved to be most prominent even leaving behind the abstract due to the golden with dark skinned background.

Mario Balotelli-1238951

Mario Balotelli


Shaping head with the help of corn rows or dreadlocks is a very difficult and time consuming procedure as compare to dying  or uplifting  hairs for crazy looks. Here you can get the recent trends in hairstyles to explain your personality in different directions e.g Aggressive, Cool, Bold, Arrogant or Mysterious etc.

lizard spikes

Taming Lizard Spikes


hairact tattoo


Fully involved sketch at back head


Head is the web of Spider (thought



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PIT BULL – cornrows


PIT BULL- bald

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Dread locks